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Again the worlds most wellknow torrent host has been seized and this domain no longer works.

Their new domain is

Here’s a link to the new Pirate bay site — Link to the new pirate bay site

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Go Daddy discounts on new products 30%

GoDaddy Website Builder for $1/Mo.!

Web Hosting Domain names Web Design for cheaper Las Vegas Web Developer

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Web marketing

Online marketing is basically using the world wide web to market products or services. Also described as E-marketing, web marketing and internet marketing.

the five key components to efficient marketing

  1. Awareness – Marketing builds awareness, word of mouth marketing is now word of mouse marketing !!!!
  2. Information Distribution – Educating and informing potential customers or consumers is the key to success. Pricing, value, competitive value, distinction, product/service information, testimonials photos all of these things serve as tools in earning new business through communication.
  3. Connection – When done properly the interactions spawned by your marketing create and sustain meaningful relationships. Consumers want to “like you” and “trust you”. Over tht web this is conveyed by showing expertise demonstrating passion through your content or past proven success and previous customer satisfaction.
  4. Service – Customer service is often overlooked during online marketing, and can be very effective if used correctly. Servicing your customers needs is crucial in closing a deal or keeping current customers.
  5. Sales Think of marketing as the support structure for your sales, a bridge between your customer and you.

We Do Systems is committed to helping you grow  your business, service, or product online.

The deal of the month is “100 Backlinks to your site for 10 dollars !!!!” Backlinks help visibilty and are a good tool for increasing your rank with the major search engines also.

>We Do Systems Backlinks campaign 702 806 9000

Please call 702 806 – 9000 for more information


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Free church websites

No strings, no joke.. We are looking to help spread the good word by offering our services free for churches that need a website. Call 702 806 9000
We Do Systems website

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Does the online portion of your business need a dedicated employee?

Does the online portion of your business need a dedicated employee?

As a company grows more and more  labor is required to handle the growth, so a bakery might need an additional baker or a dentist might need an assistant even another dentist. So whats happening with the millions of sites attached to these growing companies? I’m noticing more and more as I’m building a site or during the development and consultation, that these companies to really be as productive as possible need some personal attention more intimate than our services have been designed to offer. Like a part time employee whos only goal is to make sure your company is getting the most out of it’s website and it’s particular business model. I am creating a new package that will include this service not just web edits or changes monthly or a dedicated monthly service quota (which most design companies already offer), but a package that will aim to have a professional begin to evaluate your particular business and its niches and apply those things that make you special to an online evolution type process that will hopefully help your business grow faster but get the most out of your web investment and generate stronger returns. Basically this service will not only guarantee customers web edits but come up with new innovative ideas exclusive to your business and begin to identify areas the site can be more effective while logging the changes and their effectiveness.

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